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Musical Theatre: Groups

The Groups option for Musical Theatre is offered at Grades 1–8. The skills required in performance at each level are parallel to those in the Musical Theatre Pairs and Solo syllabuses. This syllabus offers similar opportunities to develop co-operative acting and performance skills to the Group Drama syllabus for groups of three or more candidates.

This syllabus offers wide scope in choice of material and is popular with candidates who are studying in groups rather than individually. It allows for the development of valuable interactive theatre skills.

At all levels groups perform from memory and demonstrate ability in the skills of acting, singing, and choreographed movement.

For example, in Grade 1 at Foundation level, a group will present one item, which may be a compilation of items or the whole or part of a published work. By Grade 3, assessment includes a spoken introduction and written programme and response to one or two questions. At Intermediate level (Grades 4 and 5) the length of performance required is greater and the level of skills expected is higher (in accordance with criteria published in the Trinity syllabus). By Grade 7 at Advanced level, two contrasting programmes or sequences are required, and there is opportunity to present original as well as published work.

Tutors considering the Groups syllabus should also look at the Musical Theatre in Production (group entry alternatives) syllabus.

Each group will receive one written report, but every member of a successful group will receive a certificate.

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