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Winners of the International Playwriting Competition

2013-14 winners

William Seigfried (Austria) - Virtual Enchantment

William said: ‘I am, of course, ecstatic about being one of the winners of the Trinity College London International Playwriting Competition as it means my script will develop a lot through the collaborative efforts of those who will bring it to life on stage.’

Sally Hardy (Australia) - Gone Viral

Sally said: ‘I had to read the email notifying me of the award about five times, before I felt sure enough it was true to even tell my husband... I couldn't believe it! This means the world to me, as it gives me confidence to continue pursuing my dreams. I couldn't be happier!’

2012 winners

Christina Castling (UK) - The Last Word

Christina said: ‘Winning the competition has encouraged me to develop my own creativity more. I am definitely going to keep writing and am bubbling with ideas for the next play’.

Mariama Ives-Moiba (UK) - A Concrete Jungle Full of Wild Cars

Mariama said: ‘Winning the competition has boosted my confidence and made my ambition to pursue a career in writing and performance...’

2011 winners

Colin Hume (UK) - Quest of the Four Princesses

Colin said: 'I am now writing another play - winning a competition like this is huge encouragement'.

Annie McCourt (UK) - Moth to the Flame

Annie said: 'I wanted this play to be something teenagers could relate to and thin about. I love writing, directing and acting'.

2010 winners

Andre Lemmer (South Africa) - Isilwanyana Esoyikekayo

Andre said: 'This unforgettable experience has inspired me to continue playwriting'.

Paul Wallis (UK) - Normal

Paul said: 'There is very little contemporary material for younger children'.


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