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Double Bass Intermediate Repertoire

Azaïs, PH

Pièce en Rondeau (No.25 from La Contrebasse Classique Vol.A)


Chopin, F

Largo (No.9 from La Contrebasse Classique Vol.B)


Clucas, H

Prelude or Gigue (from Baroque Suite) *

Recital Music/ Spartan

Copland, A

Zion's Walls (from Copland for Bass)

Boosey & Hawkes


Allegro (1st mvt from Sonata in F)

Yorke Edition/ Spartan

Gouinguené, C

Hommage a Vivaldi


Lotter, A

The Ragtime Bass Player

Recital Music/ Spartan

Massenet, J

Élégie from Festival Performance Solos

Carl Fischer

Osborne, T

Jazz Waltz (No.5 from Junior Jazz Book 1)

Recital Music/ Spartan

Osborne, T 

Faster Than You Think (from Pizzicato All-Sorts)

Recital Music/ Spartan

Paxton, S

Vivace (3rd mvt from Sonata in D, Op.3, No.2)


Russell, A

Travelling Friends (No.4 from Adventures)

Recital Music/ Spartan

Saint-Saëns, C

The Elephant

Peters Edition


Presto (4th mvt from Sonata No.2, from 3 Sonatas)


Schlemuller, H

Scherzo (from Solos for the Young Bassist Book 1)

Recital Music/ Spartan

Smith-Masters, A

Frabjous (from All Mimsy)

Yorke Edition/ Spartan


 * Denotes unaccompanied repertoire


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