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The Topic Form

The information on this page is for the original format ISE exam, available until 31 August. The revised ISE exam is available from:

  • 6 April 2015 in the UK
  • 1 September 2015 outside the UK

Please click here for more information.


As part of the Interview component of the ISE examinations, candidates present and talk about a topic of their choice which they have had time to prepare before the Interview takes place.

Before their interview, ISE 0 and ISE I candidates must complete a ‘Topic form’ which they then present to the examiner when they enter the examination room. The examiner uses the information on the Topic form to help initiate and develop a discussion about the candidate’s chosen topic area. It is designed to encourage spontaneous discussion which does not rely on memorised recitation.

Important information – New Topic forms

The ISE Topic forms have been redesigned as mind maps. Please note that all examinations taken from 1 February 2010 will be conducted using new Topic forms. The new Topic forms will be used for all candidates whose interview components take place on or after 1st February 2010. Candidates should ensure that they prepare for their examinations using the correct version of the topic form.

You can find examples of completed topic forms in the ISE Exam Information booklet. Please note, the main points given on the topic form should lead naturally to a discussion incorporating language items of the level.

Please click on the links below to download blank Topic forms.

Blank ISE 0 Topic form
Blank ISE I Topic form

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