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Past papers

The information on this page is for the original format ISE exam, available until 31 August. The revised ISE exam is available from:

  • 6 April 2015 in the UK
  • 1 September 2015 outside the UK

Please click here for more information.


Please find below links to a selection of past exam papers. These are intended for use in exam practice and preparation. The past exam papers available are updated periodically to provide a range of papers for each level.


 ISE 0 Jan 2008 (PDF)  ISE I Jan 2008 (PDF)
 ISE 0 May 2008 (PDF)  ISE I May 2008 (PDF)
 ISE 0 April 2008 (PDF)  ISE I April 2008 (Pdf)
 ISE 0 November 2008 (PDF)  ISE I November 2008 (Pdf)
 ISE 0 January 2009 (PDF)  ISE I January 2009 (Pdf)
 ISE 0 May 2009  ISE I May 2009
 ISE 0 November 2009  ISE I November 2009
 ISE 0 May 2010  ISE I May 2010
 ISE 0 April 2011  ISE I April 2011
 ISE 0 April 2012  ISE I April 2012
 ISE II Jan 2008 (PDF)  ISE III Jan 2008 (PDF)
 ISE II May 2008  (PDF)  ISE III May 2008  (PDF)
 ISE II April 2008 (PDF)  ISE III April 2008 (PDF)
 ISE II November 2008 (PDF)  ISE III November 2008 (PDF)
 ISE II January 2009 (PDF)  ISE III January 2009 (PDF)
 ISE II May 2009  ISE III May 2009
 ISE II November 2009  ISE III November 2009
 ISE II May 2010  ISE III May 2010
 ISE II May 2011  ISE III December 2011
 ISE II April 2012  ISE III April 2012
 ISE IV Jan 2008 (PDF)  
 ISE IV May 2008  (PDF)  
 ISE IV November 2009  
 ISE IV May 2010  
 ISE IV May 2011  

Note: Papers begin at 10am local time for all levels.

Sample candidate answers

You can download sample candidate answers with accompanying grades and markers’ comments from the Sample candidate answers page.


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