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Reading & Writing exam sessions

Skills for Life is changing.

Please go to the ESOL Skills for Life (QCF) page for information on preparing and booking the new QCF Skills for Life exams from January 2015. The information on this page relates to the older NQF framework exams.


On Demand exam sessions

From 1 September 2014 until 30 November 2014, centres may specify one On Demand exam date. You must notify the Written Papers Coordinator about all entries at least six weeks before the exam date.

2015 exam dates

Wednesday 25 March 2015 10am

Booking an exam session

Exam centres can book Reading and Writing exam sessions via Trinity’s online exam management system, Trinity Online. Sessions are available on the dates shown above: we may be able to change exam dates and times – check the next section.

Enrolment deadlines apply and there are surcharges for late entries, so ensure you book early.

If any of your candidates has special needs, you must submit your request for special provision at the time of enrolment.

If you have any questions, ask your designated Reading & Writing exam co-ordinator.

You’ll find full guidance on booking an exam session in the Centre Handbook (PDF, 403KB).

Requesting a different exam date or start time

Exams take place on the dates and times shown above, but centres can now ask for different exam dates and start times. For example:

  • all exams to take place on a date different to those listed
  • start all of the exams at a different time than 10 am or 6pm
  • start different levels at different times, e.g. all Entry 1s at 10am, all Entry 2s at 11am, all Entry 3s at 2pm - all the students at a particular level must start the examination at the same time

You must email your request to the Written Papers Coordinator jaume.deharo@trinitycollege.co.uk at least six weeks in advance. We’ll contact you to let you know if we’ve accepted your request - you may not make changes without prior written authorisation.

The New Level 1 and 2 Reading examinations are ‘On Demand’ papers only and centres will have a limited period in which to take them, so you must notify the Written Papers Coordinator about all entries at least six weeks before the exam date.

Running an exam session

You’ll find comprehensive guidance on running an exam session in the Centre Handbook (PDF, 403KB).

Before the exam, centres should ensure that all candidates are aware of Trinity’s Candidate ID Policy (PDF, 34KB) and its exam regulations by making sure they read the Notice to Candidates (PDF, 42KB).

You’ll need to prepare an exam room with enough space to conduct the individual and group components of the exam, appropriate waiting room facilities and sufficient stewarding. The Code of Practice (PDF, 35KB) includes full details of what’s required.

Exam co-ordinators, supervisors and invigilators must read the Instructions for Supervisors and Invigilators (PDF, 56KB).

You may also find these documents useful – they’re taken from the Centre Handbook.


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